Protein Power

It’s a dinner party talking point, what came first the chicken or the egg. But what about the health differences – could eating one be more beneficial than the other?

Women’s Health investigates and their verdict: eggs come out on top.

They are arguably both nutritious ingredients, packed with protein and essential vitamins vital for muscle repair, tissue growth and satisfying those hunger cravings. The average chicken fillet can contain up to 31g of protein (it’s recommended you have 0.75g per kilo of body weight) so it’s by no surprise it is often crowned one of the best protein sources.

As for eggs, two large eggs not only serve up 12g protein – making them a fabulous source – but contain more than double the amount of cancer-fighting riboflavin and brain-boosting vitamin B12 found in chicken. A university study also suggests the high lutein content of egg yolks may help defend against the onset of dementia. They’re also a rich source of choline, useful for brain and nervous-system health and a great source of B6 which along with B12 and protein, helps energy release from food. That sounds golden to us.

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