Healthy benefits of eggs

At the start of a new year, a lot of us start to think about changes to our lifestyle and in particular, the way we eat. It’s a time when we think more carefully about what we are putting into our bodies, and truly focusing on the nutritious, health benefits.

Eggs are a staple health food (not to mention delicious and versatile too!). Their high protein content promises to keep you fuller for longer, and to combat those sugary cravings.

For years eating eggs have been the topic of debate due to their high cholesterol content. Cholesterol has often been associated with being unhealthy when in fact it’s an important building block in our cell membranes as well as being needed to make hormones and vitamin D. Eggs are one of only two foods where you’ll find high cholesterol and low saturated fats. So, by eating eggs you’ll reap all the benefits of cholesterol without the high fat content.

They are packed full of essential fatty acids, nutrients and vitamins A, D and B12, helping to build and maintain healthier bones, play a role in brain development, liver function and better eye sight too.

What’s more is that eggs will enable vitamin consumption from other foods when served together. For example, a study demonstrated that adding an egg to salad would increase the uptake of vitamin E from the salad itself.

With so many added health benefits, it’s shows just how important they are for our diet. For delicious and healthy ways to make the most of Clarence Court eggs, click here.