Enjoy eating in

At a time when you can’t eat out, eat great food, in.

The hospitality industry, very sadly, is one of the hardest hit in these unprecedented times, with restaurants, pubs and cafe forcing to close.

What has however been inspiring is how creative so many eateries have been, changing their approach to offering takeaway or delivery services, or cooking for the NHS and those in need.

Social media has become a hive of activity for all foodies, from home cooks to celebrity chefs sharing lockdown inspiration for us all to enjoy at home. Thanks to this, Michelin star dishes are gracing our kitchens, as we’re invited to have a go at some of their tried and tested recipes.

We were honoured to meet Head Chef at Claridge’s Martyn Nail last summer, where he shared with us his Cornish Lobster recipe. If you haven’t given this culinary creation a go before now, it’s the perfect time to do so.

Chef Adam Banks from Fifteen Cornwall also shared with us how he makes a simple yet divine homemade pasta dish, while ambassador Nicola Millbank has been spoiling us with weekly cook alongs from Parmesan fried eggs to breakfast bread quiche cups.

As foodies turn to the kitchen to fill their time, the appreciation for great ingredients and great dishes has bloomed. Remember to share your dishes with us using #ClarenceCourt.