Egg Box Roses

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with some delightful, recyclable handmade roses, using your very own Clarence Court egg boxes. Follow these simple steps:

All you need is an egg box, a pair of scissors and super glue.

  1. First of all, cut your egg box in half.
  2. You are going to need three egg cups from the box. Cut each of these out separately.
  3. Trim any excess sticking out the top to neaten the edges.
  4. Cut your egg cups into flower shapes. The first egg cup should be cut with 8 petals (inner flower), the second egg cup should be cut with 6 petals (middle flower) and the final egg cup should be cut with 4 petals (outer flower). You can do any trimming along the way to get the right shape.
  5. Using the glue, start sticking the inner flower together, gently moulding the different petals into each other forming the centre of the rose. Remember the centre of the rose is fairly dense so the petals should be fairly tight.
  6. Stick the centre of the rose onto the middle flower and begin to mould the petals around the inner rose.
  7. Then, continue the process with the final flower. You can have your rose as big or small as you would like by adding more layers.
  8. After you have finished adding your petal layers and arranging them to your liking, cut out a leaf shape from the top of the egg box and glue to the bottom of the rose.
  9. Continue these steps to make a bunch of roses and style how you wish.