Wimbledon begins

Finally, the time is here, to celebrate and spectate a glorious fortnight of much-loved tennis.

From court to court, players this year will be keen to impress the array of eager-eyed onlookers! Whether you’re watching from the sofa or centre court, a treat will almost certainly be required… So, we’ve hand-picked and selected our ultimate Wimbledon creations, as perfect additions to a wonderful couple of weeks.

Classic Victoria Sponge

Summer Celebration Cake

Alice Liveing’s Gooey Dark Chocolate Chip Brownies

Quail Egg Arancini

Classic Teatime Scones

Peter’s Yard Canapés

Quail Scotch Eggs with Tarragon Mayonnaise

Raspberry, Rosewater & White Chocolate Eclairs

Juliet Sear’s Chouxnuts