Classic FM Chickens
Classic FM Chickens

Chickens get clucky over Classic FM

To mark World Egg Day, Classic FM teamed up with Clarence Court to create the first 7-egg box after an experiment revealed chickens are more productive when listening to classical music.

The two-week trial at New Home Farm in Pembrokeshire found that on average the chickens laid one extra egg each week. This led to the design of the 7-egg box as the traditional half a dozen eggs box couldn’t accommodate the extra eggs. Classic FM has created hexagonal and fully recyclable and biodegradable 250 limited edition boxes.

Lynn and Carol Jenkinson, who own and run New Home Farm in Pembrokeshire and supply Clarence Court Eggs, played Classic FM to chickens in one of their sheds and no music in one of the other chicken sheds to see whether there was a difference in productivity. The chickens listening to classical music produced more Burford Brown eggs as a result. This experiment reinforces the University of Bristol’s findings that birds listening to classical music produce up to six per cent more eggs.


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