Jamie’s #AdEnough campaign

Jamie Oliver has just launched #AdEnough continuing his campaign to combat childhood obesity – and we are right behind it. A great way to keep healthy habits and your child is eating well is creating delicious packed lunches.

Get organised and make your packed lunches the night before avoiding stress and rushing in the morning, or prepare something on Sunday which can last most of the week, varying it slightly each day.

The summer term is an ideal time to start the habit as there is such a large variety of produce and perfect picnic favourites on offer, as well as light salads and crisp crudités. Looking for inspiration? Check out one of our favourites here.

Quails eggs are also a fabulous addition to lunchboxes – packed with protein and conveniently sized to be scattered on top of salads or as a little snack with other dishes. They are even available pre-boiled and shelled which makes them even more convenient and speedy.

Think of your workday like a little picnic which will help perk you up during your day and keep you going through the afternoon.