Burford Brown Egg

Burford Browns

Our Burford Brown eggs have a lovely, hard, glossy, deep brown shell that’s good for poaching and boiling as they retain their farm freshness. They have a delicious, dense golden yolk that will remind you of times gone by. Their divinely rich flavour makes them the perfect egg for any occasion.

clarence court crown

The Clarence Court Crown

It’s easy to recognise royalty in the egg world, by the Clarence Court crown. When you see this on your egg, you know it’s from our exclusive line of traditional breed birds, who enjoy a life of privilege roaming free on acres of England’s green and pleasant land from dawn until dusk.

Old Cotswold Legbar Egg

Old Cotswold Legbar

Clarence Court Old Cotswold Legbar eggs have a distinctive pale blue shell. Its deceivingly delicate outer shell colour hides a rich creamy yolk with a dense flavour. Old Cotswold Legbar eggs have plump and upstanding yolks, proud to be tasty. Simply delicious when fried.

Leghorn Whites Egg

Leghorn Whites

Our traditional Leghorn White eggs have beautiful bright white shells. Once cracked, our signature vibrant golden yolks stand proud. The golden yolk when soft boiled against a bright white shell will leave your mouth watering, and the fabulously creamy taste won’t disappoint either.

Leghorn Whites Egg

Organic Leghorn Whites

The glowing golden yolks of Clarence Court Organic Leghorn Whites are a stunning contrast to their beautifully bright white shells. The fabulously creamy flavour adds a richness to everything from cakes and pastries to omelettes and sauces.

Braddock White Egg

Braddock Whites

From their translucent, ivory white eggshells to the light, creamy yolks, our duck eggs bring a new meaning to “go large” for recipes. These eggs are made for exceptionally light baking and some people once they have had duck eggs never go back to hen’s eggs for breakfast.

Simply Egg White

Full of the good stuff, our Simply Egg Whites are a brilliant protein source while still tasting utterly delicious. Whip a marvellous meringue with ease, or mixed with veggies for a nutritious egg white omelette.

Pure Egg Yolk

Adding our fabulously rich, golden yolks to your recipes has never been easier thanks to our Pure Egg Yolk liquid egg. Make homemade mayonnaise in minutes or emulsify to create a sumptuous bearnaise sauce.


Just Whole Eggs

Possibly the easiest way to enjoy Clarence Court eggs, our wonderful whole eggs are simply fabulous in all of your favourite dishes. This new kitchen staple is perfect for feeding a family or hosting a dinner party.

Old Cotswold Legbar Egg

Cornish Blues

With lovely light greenish-blue coloured shells, our Cornish Blue duck eggs taste as beautiful as they look. The creamy yolks lend themselves fabulously to bakes and cakes, and are simply delicious as a morning treat fried or boiled.


Burford Brown Egg

Pullet Eggs

Laid by young birds, our Pullet eggs are much smaller in size, around a third of the size of older hen eggs to be exact. Prized for their high yolk to white ratio by chefs, the wonderfully rich flavour and strikingly deep coloured yolks make for the perfect mayonnaise, pastry or crème brûlée.

Bantam Egg

Bantam Eggs

As small hens, Bantams produce small eggs. The intense dark yolk is richer, so is perfect for scrambling and making delicious quiche. The ratio of egg yolk to egg white is much higher than a standard hen’s egg at 50/50, giving the egg a much deeper colour.

Bantam Box
Quail Egg

Quail Eggs

Our Quail eggs are a quarter of the size of hen’s eggs. Their small speckled shells hold delicate little eggs with pale yolks which need just 30 seconds to soft boil. Although fiddly to shell they are worth the bother to make wonderful bite sized scotch eggs.

Quail Egg

Cooked Quail Eggs

Our free-to-fly quail eggs have been cooked and peeled for your convenience. Perfect for picnics and canapés, these hard boiled and ready to serve quail eggs are simply delicious. Great for brightening up a salad or simply a healthy and nutritious light snack.

Quail Egg

Pickled Quail Eggs

These fabulous free-to-fly quail eggs have been cooked, peeled and preserved in deliciously sweetened malt vinegar. This special vinegar ensures that the subtle flavour of our quail eggs is not over powered when preserved. Perfect for sprucing up your salad.

Goose Eggs

Our Goose eggs are the tastiest you’ve ever had. They’re mouth-wateringly rich and creamy and if you soft-boil them, they’re perfect with shavings of truffles or fresh, seasonal asparagus soldiers. One goose egg is the equivalent to 2½ medium hen’s eggs.

goose egg

Guinea Fowl Eggs

Available from spring to late summer, Guinea Fowl eggs have a thicker, oatmeal-coloured shell and a rich flavoursome yolk. Originally native to Africa, Guinea Fowl eggs are a delicate and elegant treat. Soft boiled or hard boiled they add an extra something to salads.

guinea fowl eggs

Pheasant Eggs

In season from April to June, these eggs are delicious. These delectable eggs have deep yellow yolks, larger than a quail egg, but about half the size of a regular hen’s egg. Their shells are a sophisticated olive green and brown, reminiscent of Farrow & Ball paint colours.

Pheasant Egg Box

Turkey Eggs

Clarence Court Turkey eggs are a luxurious treat with their creamy big yolk. Turkeys’ eggs, unlike Turkey meat, are a rarity because they simply do not produce very many eggs each year and, as they are big birds, require a lot of feed. Available from April to June.

turkey eggs box

Ostrich Eggs

Available from April to September, these eggs are an exciting treat. Weighing in at nearly 2 kg each, one ostrich egg is roughly equivalent to 24 large hen’s eggs for cooking in recipes. With a distinctive light flavour and texture they are ideal for cooking.

Rhea Eggs

For all you foodies, Rhea eggs from Clarence Court are a must try! In season from March to June, they are lighter and fluffier than hen’s eggs but have a stronger flavour. Rheas are often called the American ostrich so their eggs are large and good to share.

Emu Eggs

Our Emu eggs are milder in taste compared to a hen egg and they are much fluffier in texture. They boast a high ratio of yolk to white, allowing extraordinary results when used for baking. Emus lay their eggs throughout winter so these eggs are available from November to May.

Emu Egg Box