Quail Egg & Ricotta Ravioli with Lemon Nduja Butter

Impress family and friends with Milly Cookbook's homemade ravioli filled with quail eggs and ricotta and served with lemon nduja butter.

Prep Time - 30 minutes plus 1 hour to rest Cook Time - 10 minutes Serves 2


2 Clarence Court Burford Brown eggs
6 Clarence Court quail eggs
200g of 00 flour
Extra Vigin olive oil
3 tablespoon of ricotta
1 teaspoon of butter
A few fresh oregano leaves
50g of nduja
Zest of half a lemon


Pour the flour onto a work surface and make a well in the middle. Crack in the Burford Browns and mix with a fork, incorporating the flour gently until a dough is formed. Kneed the dough for a few minutes until smooth and wrap in cling film, leaving it to rest for an hour.

After an hour, cut the dough in half and roll both pieces into two thin sheets. Spoon 6 teaspoons of ricotta over the sheet of pasta with plenty of room either side. Using your finger, press down into the middle of the ricotta to create a well and crack a quail egg yolk into the middle. 

Brush the pasta with water and carefully place the other sheet of pasta over the bottom sheet and by cupping your hands, gently press around the mixture to squeeze out any air. Press down to seal and using a cookie cutter, cut the ravioli into discs.

Bring a pan of salted water to a simmer and gently drop in the ravioli, cooking for 3-4 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a small frying pan, add the butter and oregano leaves. Fry for a minute until crispy and remove the oregano using a slotted spoon. Crumble in the nduja, fry for a couple of minutes until it’s melted into the butter.

Gently remove the ravioli with a slotted spoon and plate. Drizzle with the nduja oil and scatter with crispy oregano before serving.

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